Monday, November 15, 2010


My visit back to Maine has been much less stressful this time. My dad is in rehab, and looks good. The prognosis is still day to day, but everyone is very hopeful that he will make it back home. I am house sitting for my sister, that includes dog and cat sitting. I am not a big pet sister's family is...and these animals are not used to being ignored.

"Your obedience is His Pleasure", thank you BMan for those words. I have repeated them many times since i have been here. Master always looks for ways to make my time away easier and to keep me 'on track'. One of the first expectations Master introduced me to, was to be clean shaven for Him. I usually pass "inspections", as it has become part of my morning shower routine.

Last time i was away, i let a few rules slip. Clean shaven was one, it seemed I was always in a rush mornings and did not take the time. I shaved my first morning back. Master figured that out quickly. This time He told me He expected me to stay clean shaven, and He would check by having me send a picture. I was surprised, but did not think it would be a problem.

I packed my shaving necessities, but have not retrieved them from the case to the shower, yet. Early this morning i received a text..check time..He wanted a picture. I thought about ignoring it...for about 2 seconds. For a minute i thought about trying to get it done quickly. But i knew, He expected a reply, and i have learned it is best not too compound His displeasure.

It took me at about 5 tries to get a decent picture...good thing the dog and cat cannot talk! Sent it and quickly came the reply..not shaven, bad girl. I sent, Sorry Sir, i will remember tomorrow. That did not fly. He replied, you will not leave the house til i get a picture I apporove of. I gathered my things, shaved and sent a picture. Better..was the reply. I sent an i am sorry it will not happen again, Sir, which He replied...we will be 'talking' about this. Anyone out there old enough to remember the yellow page ad...let your fingers do the walking? 'Talking' is Master's way of saying, my paddle will do the talking!

We chatted this noon, and when i said, You had never asked for a picture before as an excuse..He laughed and said i sounded like one of those students i often told Him about...We were soon laughing, and i was feeling better...Master never carries a grudge, and this is forgotten, until it time for 'talking'.

Your obedience is His pleasure....repeat as needed!


  1. You sound like my sister and I on the pet thing - I'm the pet lover (typing now with a cat across my arm). I know she appreciates your help thought.

    I like your new saying via B'Man. I'm sure it will keep you going until your 'talk'.


  2. PK, Master loved the pretty much sums it all up...hugs abby