Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can He read my mind??

One of the things that first amazed me about Master was how well he seemed to get to know me...really know me...very quickly. At times it seemed like he knew how to create a mind link. We would be talking and He would say..I know what you were thinking when i sent that text...and He did know! Or i would think i wish He would....and He would. I found it amazing, reassuring, and somewhat scary.

It happened again this morning. I am trying to get organized to leave to help out with my mom and dad. My sister has been carrying the load, and she has had a family vacation planned for the next 2 weeks for months. She needs it and deserves it. So i will be leaving this Thursday for another couple of weeks. I know it is where i belong and have to be right now, but it seems i am away more than i have been here...

This morning i was feeling guilty about going....guilty about not of those no win times. Master understands that i need to go, and is very suportive. This morning i needed to "feel" His dominance more than i usually do. I will admit, i am not good at expressing my needs and desires....getting a little better at it...but it is still difficult.

I sent Master my good morning text, and asked Him for permission for my plans for today.....some shopping, and a late lunch and going to a show with some friends. I was waiting His "yes" reply...i rarely get a "no"...when the text came. It was a yes with added instructions. This was to be a no panty day. He occasionally will order a no panty day , and i sometimes choose a no panty day as my task for the day. It is a good continual reminder that i have a Master.

But He also added...tie a ribbon around your right ankle. Now this was a new request, and my reaction to the unexpected is usually...what??? But after my initial...what...i realized, i was just wishing and needing to feel His dominance more now...and that is what i just got.
How did He know?

Then i realized something else. Yesterday i was at a dollar store, buying some wrapping paper...they have some great kids paper. As i was looking over the paper i noticed ribbon. I decided i needed ribbon also, so bought several colors...just in case i needed it. I did not tell Master about my purchase.

This morning out of the blue...i am told to tie a ribbon on my ankle?? It is just a coincidence...right??
He cannot read my mind or somehow know what i bought....right??


  1. Cute post - and I'm pretty sure they do "know."


  2. I love it...I need a Sir like that!