Monday, October 4, 2010

What was I thinking????

My granddaughter left this morning..she is one of those 2 year olds who is wise beyond her years and has a wonderful sense of humor......and does not believe in naps! It was a wonderful visit..grandchildren are purely for enjoying and so much fun!

I know i said i would post a part 2...what makes a "true" submissive. As i thought about it today..all i could think of is...what was i thinking? I am a newbie here in blog world, and have always and still believe that submission is to be defined by the 2 people involved (yes sometimes more than 2). Who am i to be expounding on what a true submissive is?

Plus i have been in a "funk" of a mood today...those of you who are close to my age will know what that means. Maybe its because Master has been busy with a roofing project, and our communication has been limited to a very few text messages. Maybe its because it was Monday, and a rainy one at that. Maybe it is because i am off for another 10 day babysitting stint this weekend, i need some time home!
Probably it is some of all the above.

Plus it seems those little "voices" that sometimes take residence in my head are fighting to return. I have been good at ignoring and banishing them for the past few months, but they just don't want to give up, and they usually lead me right to trouble!

Hope you all had a better day than i did!


  1. a little word from the wise.. (do NOT choke on the wise you know what I mean )

    There is NO definition of a good submissive.. it is whatever you and your Master deems as the definition - don't get caught up in the hype of blogland ... just be who and what you are... and enjoy every minute of it.


  2. Yep Morningstar is right. I'm still realizing that every dd relationship is custom made. Time at home is critical and keeping the voices shut up is difficult but I know you'll deal with it all. And the best part is you won't be alone.


  3. None of our thoughts are new, just new to us I think. Don't worry...

  4. Morningstar...great advice, blogging has allowed me to "meet" new friends, but there is also a down side..lots of others to compare me to. Enjoying what i have, is what i need to remember.

    PK, Thanks for the good advice and good thoughts. hugs..

    sin...i think you are absolutely right...just new to us..thanks for dropping in.