Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maintenance day

Today was my maintenance spanking for this week. It's a little early in the week, but Master and i have different plans for the end of the week. Master will be re-roofing a house...lucky Him..and i will be enjoying a visit from my oldest grand-daughter..she is almost 21/2 and very vocal! I will be having tea parties, playing dress-up, going to the zoo and park...lucky me!

I believe that all things in life have an ebb and flow. Lately my submission to Master has been in the flow zone. I have been so aware of my submission, and pleasing Him has been my top priority,..yes maybe it should always be like that, but sometimes i just feel it so much more.

Back to today, after we chatted a bit i noticed the small paddle and the large strap...pretty standard maintenance "toys". As i layed across Master's lap He started with a fairly long..very nice hand warm-up. We often talk during this time, and today we talked about consistency. Master brought it up, said He noticed in some blogs that it seems to be what a lot of submissives are looking for. I wanted to say DUH..but i was laying across His lap. Consistency is something Master is very very good at. Sometimes i have doubts that He will follow through, but most of the time, He does. We started maintenance spankings about 7 months ago...and at first i wondered how long it would last...yes i doubted. But, unless one of us..usually me...is out of town for the whole week, He finds a way to make maintenance happen, every single week. Thank You Master!

Back to today, hand warm-up, starting over clothes, and progressing to my bare bottom. Lots of good rubbing, and a fabulous back massage thrown in...i was soooooo relaxed. Then He asked me to hand Him the paddle. I would rather He just pick it up, but i said Yes Sir and handed it over. As he started in with the paddle, He is telling me how good i have been, but a maintenace spanking has to be felt to be effective....not like a punishment spanking....but so it is a deterrent to a punishment spanking. His hand goes around my waist as He tucks me in...i know He is now going to start in harder.

He gives me two sets of hard spanks. I have no idea how many, He always counts...needs to have both sides even..lol. I used to try to count, but i never get far. A short break between sets with a little rubbing. I am starting to really squirm, just as he ends the second set.

Then i feel His fingers start to explore. In less than a minute i am about ready to explode. He knows my body so well. When i first met Master, i had resigned myself to the fact that sex was a thing of the past for me. I no longer even felt like a sexual person. I never expected that to change. But it has, Master can get me wet and ready almost by just talking to me, and most of the time, one orgasm is just the start. This afternoon was like one extra long orgasm, that truly left me spent and breathless. I am always so ready for Him...

The strap remained unused, i was so relaxed and Master decided it was not to be used. It was a great maintenance day!



  1. abby this sounds like a wonderful maintenance day! :)

  2. Yes a perfect maintenance day.


  3. abby you're not showing up on my followers list for some reason. I have you in the contest, but wanted to be sure your name was on the followers list. You say you clicked on follow?

  4. hmm yes i did ..i will again