Wednesday, September 22, 2010

finally home again!

I finally returned home last night. I was away a little longer than i had planned..almost 3 weeks. My grand-daughter got taller before my eyes, and is learning new words every day! My mom, my sister and I went on our girl's trip to the casino. We all came back poorer, but shared a great time, laughing til we cried ( and almost wet ourselves) several times! So lots of good times, but it was a long time to be away.

It's the longest I have been away from Master since i became His. We both agree it was too long. I know i am His no matter where i am, but keeping focused is harder when we are apart.

Finally, this afternoon, I got my big welcome back hug from Master! It felt sooooo good. I was quickly kneeling before Him, listening to His voice, feeling His hands reclaim every part of me, relishing in the feeling that i was back where I belong.

Then it was over His knee, for a wonderful hand warm-up. His hand is my favorite spanking "toy". It can build in quite a burn, but I certainly can relax into it. We usually are chatting during this time, getting caught up on our news and plans. Besides, spanking, Master's hands give the BEST back rubs. When He starts with the massaging, I just breathe deeply, and totally relax and enjoy.

He then told me to hand Him the small paddle, that is usually used for maintenance. He was not spanking as hard as He usually does, but I was squirming and ouching. Seems that 3 weeks without a spanking makes my bottom more vulnerable.
We talked about how I managed my diet while I was away.

I had good news/bad news for Him. When I used the wii this morning, I weighed in and had actually loss .02 of a pound...not much, but a whole lot better than gaining! He was very proud of me. I then mumbled the bad news, I had ice cream, without asking for permission first. He heard it, and I could feel His disappointment before He even spoke to me. I was hoping that since I confessed, He would say don't let it happen again, and forget it. Of course, that was not the case. He tucked me into Him, and let that little paddle fly for 100 hard spanks. He repeated that ice cream was a problem for me...I could eat it every day, and not just a the rule is I have to ask and receive permission before having some. No Exceptions!

Next I was bent over the sofa, in position for Master's large strap. He said He would start off lightly and build up. I love leather..and this strap is one of my favorites. Even as the swings got harder, I was so into it, it "hurt sooo good"! Master wanted me to concentrate on cumming for Him while He was strapping me, I have not quite mastered that yet, but with a little coaxing form His fingers, and more strapping, I was on my way to a wonderful release..or two!

Master gave me two permissions, which need to be used before bed tonite. I have used one, and will get to the other one soon. Thank You Master for a wonderful welcome back!


  1. Hi Abby,

    Reconnection spankings are just the best. Welcome home!


  2. Thanks Bonnie,

    They are special. They calm, settle, renew, and of course...arouse! It's the being away part that is hard. abby