Saturday, September 11, 2010

a 1 year old does me in....

i have been thinking all week about posting another look back, to the day i became Master's submissive. I also have been babysitting my 1 year old grand-daughter all week...she has way more energy than i do. Of course she does get to nap every afternoon! I have been too tired to put together that post, so decided just to do a quick check in.
i have been away for over a week, and about 10 more days to go. One week is usually about what it takes for me to start really missing Master. Oh, i miss Him after one day, but after a week the voices in my head keep trying to start know ..the ones that always lead to touble. We keep in touch several times a day, so hopefully i will return without being in too much trouble!
i am looking forward to an overnight casino outing with my mom and sister later this week. We always have lots of or lose...although winning is much more fun!


  1. yaaaaay!! Girl night! Always fun!

    Oh and kids....I remember a battery commercial where they were asking a father, whose kids were running crazy in the background, how he thought that this battery was able to last so long? He replied, "They must take the energy from kids and put them in the battery." or somesuch like that.

    Just reminded me of that! LOL