Wednesday, August 4, 2010

yummy maintenance!

HELP!! I have been trying to get the font to a larger size...cannot get it to save to a larger size..can anyone help?? please! and Thanks! is hot here..and got much hotter than just the normal temperature this afternoon. Today was maintenance day for is not on the same day each week, but it DOES happen weekly. When we first started maintenance i was doubful about it actually working out every week. But i should have known, if Master says weekly, He means weekly! We both agree it is a good thing, and has kept me calmer and more focused.
So today was maitenance day, and i was looking forward to it. If i do say so myself i have been very good lately. Master also commented on it this afternoon. Maintenance has always been with one of Master's small paddles. Today He kindly started with His hand, and lots of rubbing...i was soon sooo relaxed.
Then came the paddle, but i was ready, and although the sting was there,,it was a good sting with lots of rubbing. Master asked why i have been leaving out the juicy part of our here goes.
Unless it is a punishment spanking, Master usually "checks" to see how much i am enjoying or responding to His spanking and rubbing. This afternoon it did not take me long to be wet and ready! Since He was so impressed by my recent behaviour, He showed me how much fun maintenance can be!
Master likes to tease me that back when we were new at this, i used to beg Him to stop after one orgasm, saying one was enough! Now one is usually just a warm-up, i was "jello" after 3 this afternoon! Now that is my kind of maintenance!


  1. Hi Abby,

    I love a good sting with juicy parts and jello! :D It sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon together.

    Anyhow, to make the font bigger in your blog posts, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the orange B in the upper left hand corner to get to the dashboard.

    2. Under Manage Blogs, find the name of your blog and beneath it, click the word Design. This should bring up the designer page.

    3. From the menu at the top, click on Template Designer.

    4. On the upper left side, click Advanced.

    5. From the list immediately to the right of the word Advanced, scroll down to find the words Text Font and click on them.

    6. You can now experiment with the percentage to make the text bigger or smaller as you like. If you're feeling bold, there is a lot of stuff you can change in the designer to make your blog unique.

    7. When you have the template the way you want, click on Apply to Blog

    Hopefully, that should do it. If you run into trouble, write me and I will take a look.


  2. WOW...thanks Bonnnie...great directions...and it worked..I may use you as my consultant! hugs Abby

  3. You have a wonderful blog. Keep up the good work. The descriptions are scinitallating and the juicy parts keep it that way. Please do not quit, but let your Master guide you on this one.

  4. Hey Abby,
    The font size looks great and the maintenance sounds even better! Sounds like you guys are going great!


  5. Anon...thanks for the kind words...and Master's guidance has not failed me yet..

    PK..thanks...this page is a work in slowww progress..but thanks for all your help! Hugs abby

  6. Good to hear the maintenance spankings are going so well..and thanks to Bonnie for the advice.


  7. FD...i can use all the advice i can get...nad yes maintenance is something that works for me! abby