Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I missed the chance to post on the Thursday Round Table over at American Spanking Society. Can spanking be an effective punishment for someone who enjoys spanking? As i am sitting here on a sore, stripped bottom, my answer is YES!
Punishment is soo different than play. There is no hand warm-up, there is a scolding, Master is using something made of wood, there is no nice touching and there is the knowledge that i have disappointed Him. Punishment is not something i purposely "brat" for, if i feel the need to play hard, Master is glad to fill that need.

I have had a rough week on the diet front. Every now and then i start to feel...i don't want to do this anymore, i just want to eat whatever, whenever. My deal with Master is once i set a goal, i reach that goal. Once i have reached that goal, i can stay there as long as i want...but i have to maintain, no more than 2 pounds above that number. I recognize that as a good thing, nothing is more discouraging than gaining back what you worked so hard to lose, and often gaining more back..i have been that route. Right now i am working on a 10 pound goal, that i chose to pursue. It is not going well.

I weigh in on Friday's and Monday's...we tried just on Friday's, but that was like a green eating light for the weekend. Last Friday i gained 1 pound. Master was not pleased, but decided He would let me try to turn things around over the weekend. (He sometimes gives me just enough rope to hang myself.) He rarely grants me a reprieve, so i breathe a sigh of relief.

I did not take advantage of His gift. I did not wii, nor walk, and i did indulge..but just a little. Turned out it was a little bit too much. My Monday report was a gain..of less than a pound..but a gain. He was not pleased.
He said we would "discuss" it Tuesday or Wednesday. When we talked this morning, He said Wednesday, i was pleased since i had dinner plans with a group of teacher friends for this evening.

Late this afternoon, i get a call from Master, He decided we were going to meet before i went to dinner, which meant in about 5 minutes. I was not in punishment "mode", but i said yes Sir.

Once we were together, He opened the door to the basement. I gulped,....the basement is used when Master is very unhappy...being down there has no good memories. I looked at Him, He pointed, i went down the steps. I then had to answer why we were in the basement...because i had 2 bad reports in a row.

He starts with the scolding...He is an expert scolder. When i was still teaching, i used to wish i could invite him to my room when i had detention duty. Down came the pants and panties and i was leaning over the washing machine. He had what looked like a cane, with no hook, but very "swishy".

He spanks in sets, this was sets of 6, switching sides after each 6. It only took one set, before i was OUCHING loudly and stuggling to stay in place. My hands did let go, and was told to put them back and if i let go again, he began tapping my thighs, He would change His target. As much as my bottom was hurting, i knew that the OUCH factor would be much greater on my thighs, so i concentrated on hanging on to that edge.

After more scolding, He asked if i was ready for the last six. I love/hate that question...it means the end is near, but it also means these will be the hardest strokes. I said i am never ready, but go ahead. Then i was told to count and to thank Him after each stroke, and if He did not think i was being sincere in my thanks, that stroke would not count. (I have been known to be called the queen of sarcasm). Counting and having to say something after each stroke, is not something i look forward to. It takes concentration, and makes me focus on each stroke, plus you know that as soon as you have said, "Thank You Sir", sincerely, it is like saying..go ahead spank me again. I got through the six, and we were done. NO warm up, NO touching, NO nice rubbing, but yes pain and punishment.

He grinned as He told me to enjoy my dinner out, and was sure He would be with me in spirit, as i sat on my sore bottom. He was, i had a wonderful dinner, fun with my friends, and brought half of my dinner home to have tomorrow, and passed on the alcohol and dessert. Tomorrow it is back to my eating and exercising routine....basement visits are no fun.



  1. I feel for you. I really want to lose the weight but do I want to lose it enough to send Nick to read this post? Hmmmmm...

    Hope you have a great week weight wise!


  2. PK thanks for the good wishes..it will be a challenge, my son and daughter in law need babysitting help, so i will be in Boston for over a week! One thing with Master, i always know what to expect and where i stand..espicially when it is painful to sit!

  3. You are absolutely correct in that those who enjoy spanking in some contexts can very much dislike it in others! But I won't go into that rant!

    Let me ask....have you looked into the weight watchers program? I heard so many people talk about their success on it for more than 15 yrs (people I know personally) but I always kinda dismissed it. yeah, yeah, there's more than one way to diet. I just started it, and lemme say, I can not believe I held out for 14 years!!

    Good luck in your weight loss goals! :)


  4. Thanks for the suggestion s. I did join ww about 20 years ago...and did lose weight on the program. Maybe i should look into it again..abby