Sunday, August 15, 2010

Protocalls...etc...part 2

August 15 2010..

Where do rituals, rules and exspectations fit into my D/s relationship? I left out the protocalls category, since i feel that we are not that formal, it is usually more relaxed and fun. When we first started on this journey, Master said He did not want to micromanage me. I think i was a little disappointed, at first, but have come to appreciate that approach.

Rituals...i have a hard time defining ritual as opposed to a rule. One ritiual is our sessions start with me kneeling at His feet, hands behind my back, listening to His voice. His voice was one of the first things that drew me to Him, and the sound of it still captivates me. I also must ask to break position when a spanking or session is done, and to get dressed. He expects me to use the word Sir during a spanking or session when answering a question..hate answering questions then!

Rules....i am expected to ask for permission before i cum..either with or without Him. That was one of the first rules. One of the more recent rules, is that i must ask for permission before i go someplace in my car. It sounds more restrictive than i at first worried about, but He is very good at answering text messages quickly..usually. Also with both of these rules, i rarely get a fact, i always expect a yes. I had been in the habit of asking for a general permission..may i go run errands for example..but recently i have been intructed that my question must be for a specific location and if i ask for a place, and do not go there, He expects a text with that information.

I send an email report every evening. It started out as a food diary, when i first started dieting. It also includes, if i used the wii, what task i did for Him, ( He expects one task a day), if i have taken my meds, and anythinge else i might want to add. I also call or text every morning. I send in a weigh in report every Monday and Friday...60 pounds and counting!!

Expectations...i am allowed to keep my title of "Queen of Sarcasm" except when i am with Him. He expects respect and obedience to any requests. Of course honesty and we are working on the openness aspect. He expects me to stay focused and act like i am His.

Hmm, i think that is about it. If i have forgotten anything improtant i will hear about it, and will post and addendum!



  1. Abby,
    I think the most important thing I've read here is that these rules and expectations are working for the two of you. That's all that matters. This wouldn't work for Nick and me but it's okay because our way wouldn't work for you guys.

    I do love our community where we can all be who we need to be.


  2. Everyone has to find their own way or ways of making what they want work..variety is the spice of life! abby