Friday, August 13, 2010

Protocalls ? Rituals? Rules? Expectations? part 1

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I have been thinking about writing on this topic for a few days..yes I do tend to overthink things! I have questions, to which the only answer might be, the terms mean whatever you want them to mean. This post will address that, and my next post will look at some of the rituals or rules or protocalls and Master and i practice..I am not sure what to call them!

Protocalls..a tough word! When i think of protocalls i think of what a person should say or do when meeting a president or the pope....for example, kissing the pope's ring. A special occasion that requires a special response.

Are protocalls and rituals the same thing? Protocall seems more formal of a word than ritual. Rituals seem to me to be the more every day things that a person is asked to do. We are surrounnded by rituals, at holidays, family reunions, etc. How is a ritual different than a protocall, or is it different?

Rules,,now we all know about rules in our every day lives, but how do rules differ from rituals in the spanking or BDSM community. Is it a ritual or a rule, if one is expected to be kneeling for their Master at the start of a session, or ask for permission to enter a room, or kiss a paddle after a spanking?

Expectations, we all have expectations, right there with our hopes and dreams. I suspect the difference between expectations and rules is that rules have consequences, expectations have hopes and dreams.

As you can see I am confused. I am not at all sure which of these categories fit what happens between Master and i. That will be my next post. For now, I would like to ask...can anyone define these for me? Share with me how they fit into your power exchange, if they fit at all? Or are they just like the labels ( top, bottom, Master, submissive, owner, etc...)... Is the definition up to the user...?

abby..who is once again confused...

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