Thursday, August 26, 2010

A nice welcome back!

I am back from 5 days of making wonderful memories. My 2 grand-daughters are growing up tooo fast, they are such fun!

Just before noon today i got a text from Master..." want to help me get some wood?" Now, knowing Master, that could mean a few things. My brain quickly thought...switches, pick out a paddle, or maybe Master is working on a new project. I replied with a ...hmm, yes? He chuckled and told me to meet Him at Home Depot...ahh a new project. He is very good with His several ways.

After we got the wood, loaded it in the van, and delivered it, He then ordered me to get naked and kneeling please. I was surprised, figuring this was just a lunch time errand. He repeated the order, and i quickly replied, Yes Sir!

I so needed to be naked and kneeling, after being away from His touch for the last 5 days. For me, being naked and kneeling is a deep place of submission, nothing else exists.
I know and feel deeply that i am with my Master and i belong wholly to Him. Master uses my kneeling time to narrow my focus, He takes control of my body, claiming all of it, hair, face, neck, breast, torso, bottom, legs...He leaves His touch on all of it.

Then it was over His knee for a hand warm-up. Master's hand is my favorite thing to be spanked with..although it can at times feel like a small paddle! This warm-up was speckled with periods of rubbing and touching. At one point Master asked if i was, just thoroughly enjoying!

Next, i was told to bend over, hands on the sofa, bottom up, and legs apart. He remarked it had been a while since i had had a good strapping. I think He was doing sets of 20, i lose count easily. After each set, there was rubbing and touching to see if i was letting the sting travel to my pleasure spot. Each time He touched i was wetter, and more ready. I was soon moaning with need as soon as He stopped the strapping and His hand started to wander.

Just when i was thinking, it is time for me to get a permission, i was told to move to the end of the sofa, and bend over, bottom high. I do not like having my feet not touch the floor, add to that keeping my legs open and apart, that position requires concentration and determination. These sets were much harder, but i was soon in my "leather zone". Of course that is when i suddenly feel what seems like a small switch.
The sting and burn quickly built up...Master asked about the sensation...not nearly as nice as the strap!

Master was kind and after only one set He reached to "test" how ready i was to cum for Him. It did not take much "persuading" before i was pleading for a Yes..cum for me. I used to wonder what all the fuss over orgasms i no longer wonder, i know..

Then some more kneeling time, and lunch time was really over. Thank You Master, for a wonderful surprise today, and the best lunch a girl could ask for!



  1. I am very pleased that as a grandmother, you are still spanked. I have always believed that a women is never to old to be naughty, therefore never to old to be spanked. I love spanking the mature woman, I love raising her dress waist high. I love taking down her bloomers, my favorite for a mature woman is 'directoire knickers' called bloomers. An most of all I love caning them. Yes as my name suggests. Six of the best, six of the very best, on their naked bottoms.

  2. Hi Abby! What a wonderful lunch time! :) I can't wait until Master and I are together 24/7 and I can have lunches like that. (and dinners, and breakfasts, lol)

  3. six...thanks for visiting and for all of your comments. We mature woman have much to offer our spankers, Masters, Doms. I have a love/hate relationship with Master's cane...He does seem to favor it.

    prima..Welcome..hope you soon are with your Master!