Sunday, August 29, 2010

a look back...who is more stubborn??

This is another look back to my journey with Master. This session took place before He was my Master, and had been spanking me for about 7/8 months. We were meeting every few weeks. I had only a couple rules at this point, one being to refer to Him as Sir while He was spanking me..which i was doing pretty well at,,,,and one that i saw no point to..having to ask for permission to pull up my pants and panties after He was done spanking me.

We had just finished a fairly long session, using a variety of His toys. My bottom was nicely tingling and red.
I stood up, and started to put on my pants and panties. He said, you are forgetting something. I looked around and said, no, i have everything and finished with the clothing.
(After all, it was MY clothing, i was not going to go around bare assed all day, and He was done!)

"Ask", was all He said...i replied,.. too late they are on..(i know ..i look back now in wonder at what was i thinking!) Before i could take a breath i was back over the bed, and they were no longer on. His hand was spanking quickly and furiously. He let me up, and i looked Him in the eye and reached for the panties once again. Back over the bed i went for a repeat.

He stood me back up gave me the "one eyebrow" look, which i ignored as i reached for the panties. (Trust me i am not usually such a slow learner) He said,'s your bottom..., to which i foolishly replied..."guess this is where we find out who is more stubborn!" Before i took another breath i was over the bed, He somehow had a paddle in His hand, and was using it on an already very sore bottom. "Let me know when you have decided who is more stubborn", He said.

Now i may be foolish, but am not stupid, i decided quickly that He was indeed more stubborn than i was. After i reassured Him that He was indeed more stubborn, i started to get up. He held me down and said ask to get up. I hesitated, which started the paddling again! I asked, to be told, "ask nicely". So i added a couple of peases, and asked again as nicely as i knew how. I was able to get up, look over at Master, and say, "May i please put my panties and pants back on?" With a glint in His eye and smile on His face He said..certainly.
Looking back, it seems like such a small thing to ask me to do. I still ask every time, only without prompting.
I learned on that day, that i had been demoted to second most subborn person that i knew.



  1. Stubbornness can be a good quality when used at the correct time. But I'm glad it didn't take long for you to see that using it with your man is only going to make you sore. Nice that you learn reasonable quickly.


  2. PK...Stubborn has its in a junior high Master always encourages me to have an opinion...just not to insist on it. abby