Friday, August 6, 2010

A look introduction to the cane

August 6, 2010

* These "look back" posts are a chronological look back to when Master and i first met, and He was my "top" or spanker. These first few happened about 8 eight years ago. The reason i still recall them so clearly is because the first rule Master gave me was i had to send Him "feedback" on all our sessions. My early feedbacks were all about what i liked and disliked, how i felt the first time that i was tied or blindfolded, etc. They evolved into a way of me sharing feelings, since i find writing them easier than speaking them. And now to this blog.

I had been "introduced" to Master's toy bag. He informed me that our next session would be all about the cane. This time He would start on a blank palette..sometimes He can be so poetic. I assumed that meant no other toys first.
Every time i thought of that cane, the butterflies went wild! Master kept reminding me that all implements can be enjoyed...or not..depending on the user.

Finally the day was here. He gave me a wonderful hand warm-up....thank goodness the palette was not going to be totally blank! Then He surprised me by telling me to go pick up the pencil on a nearby table and write down how many strokes i wanted.
Talk about being confused...i had no idea what number to choose. I had read lots of stories about naughty girls getting caned, and they did not inspire me to a large number! At the same time, i did not want to appear to be a total wimp!

I knew that 12 seemed to be a number that appeared in many of the stories, but that seemd like a lot. After Master urged me on, i finally decided on 10..a double digit number, but less than 12. I was to kneel on the seat of a chair, bend over the back of the chair..and stay in position.

Master went to see the number i had chosen..."What only 10?....If you chose a higher number we could start off Me!

He gave them to me in sets of 3, each set a little harder, and with lots of encouragement! One more i thought, and this has not been so bad. Well that last one, caused me to move up and off the chair! That was the cane i had read about!
Master then announced that since i did not stay in place i will get 3 more. I slowly got back in position, and this time was a little more ready for the harder strokes. He gave me three more, and gave me permission to get off the chair and was ready with a big hug! Yes it had been only 13,,but i had done it!

Master then told me to sit in the chair, while He went in the next room for something. Well i could not resist, i stood to feel the welts, they were barely there, but i felt them. When Master returned, He asked if i had stayed seated. I replied i am sitting now. He reapeted His question..(smell a set-up? ) I admitted to standing to feel my bottom and was immediately pulled over His lap for a hand spanking. A spanking, over a caning, sure is intensified! He considered it my first lesson in obedience!

Enjoy the weekend everone!


  1. Hmmmm... the cane. Now that can be one intense implement. We have a real cane from the UK, thanks to Ronnie (I think it's thanks) I had always been scared of anything cane like. But I got curious, now I know I was right to be scared.

    I like the sharp sting because it last, I like the stripes for the same reason but I can't take much so I don't have the time I want and need to get my head in a good place. Give me leather any day!!

    Glad you're telling us about your beginning.


  2. PK....I need a really good warm-up to "get into " the cane..even for a short sessions! Good luck with the family reunion..abby

  3. I have a love hate relationship with the cane. Still instills fear in me but I have to have it and liking it more and more :)

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ronnie, I agree...when I have not felt thd cane for a while, I start to get the "itch" for it!
    hugs Abby

  5. Grandma, I love you. You sure made me very happy when you mentioned that your master canes you. Yes it is the spanking implement that I most enjoy using on a naughty woman, Once her bloomers are down, and she is lying there just wearing garter-belt and stockings, for my erotic pleasure, it is with sincere gusto that I bring the pliable cane down upon her bare bottom.