Sunday, August 1, 2010

a look back...Master's bag

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend...mine has been on the quiet side...not complaining one bit! This is a look back to about our third or fourth meeting, when Master showed up with His toy bag!
Our early meetings were all hand spankings, I had been introduced to some role play, which added to the fun. I loved the spontaneity, and was impressed that Master was never at a loss for words.
This time Master...who was still far frm being my Master...showed up carrying a baseball equipment looked full and heavy! He greeted me and said "I thought I would bring along some toys". I replied something about trying not to notice.
He had me bend over the back of the sofa..a new position..and told me not to peak. I bent, but I also did lots of peaking!
At our first meeting I had said I was fearful of leather, and thought I would prefer wood. So, He started out with His wooden toys. He only gave me 5 or so with each one, and althought not taps, He was being fairly easy, but there was still a build up.
Then came the leather. I remember holding my breath and waiting. The large leather flogger, i was apprenhisve. Oh boy, was I ever wrong....leather could be the best! I became totally relaxed and wanted more! He chuckled..and went on to His other leather paddles and belts. Hmmmm.....leather was quickly becoming very appealing!
Finally He said He had one more thing He wanted to introduce me to, and definately did not want me to peak. I was good, and soon was wondering what He was using, after a couple swishes, i figured out it was the cane. He went lightly, and said it was a love/hate kind of thing for many spankees. He finished off with a nice had spanking, and told me how proud of me He was. I was pretty proud of myself!
Today , I am a full leather convert! The large leather flogger is always at the top of my request list. It relaxes me, and pushes out all the knots and aggravations, and lulls me to a much better place. A short while ago, Master acquired a horse hair flogger, it is one of the few toys that i seem to enjoy on my breast. It is not as good as the large flogger, but when i get a chance to make requests it also is always on the list.
As for wood....not my favorite! Master has acquired a few more paddles..each one seemingly larger and heavier...never on my request list! The cane..well I have developed a love/hate relationship with it. Its sting is unique, and when Master is trying to please me....I can go with it and enjoy..but not always. One of the canes benefits is that the stripes last a day or two!
We have come a long way since then, to places I never imagined were possible for me.....Thank You Master!


  1. You're completely right about leather - soooo nice and can be so different. We have a thick leather paddle that can be something to fear when used at full force, a smaller leather paddle that can be really fun and best of all Nick's old leather belt - my favorite. Wood is very unforgiving. A few swats can go a long way.

    Now cane - I don't think I'll ever develop liking for that in any way, with the exception of the stripes. I do like the stripes, just not what you have to go through to get there!!

    Good post, I love hearing about everyone's implements.


  2. PK...I am often told...any implement can be used for punishment or play..depends on the yielder....but He will never convince me that those big wooden paddles should not be used in a bon fire! abby

  3. Abby,

    Hello and welcome. Just popped over from PK's blog.

    I'm the same as PK, I love to hear about other peoples toys. Leather I would say my favourite and especially the new leather tawse recently required.

    Look forward to stopping by again. I have inked you in my blog roll.


  4. Ronnie...thanks for dropping in...i have been following your blog for a while..i will start to comment...i have always been curious about the tawse...might have to satisfy that curiosity! hugs Abby

  5. I am so glad to have come across your blog and will be returning to it regularly to read whatever you post. Always glad to find others in our sex blogging/kink/spanko community. I am especially happy to find others that are closer to mine and my Sir's own age. (no offense to the younger spanko, I love them as well.)

  6. Thanks for dropping by miss....i know what you mean about age.....abby

  7. Oooo I love how you described the leather. It's definetly my favorite thing to get spanked around with. Master prefers a huge wood paddle he made, but I prefer a swishy sting to a loud thwap hehe.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog! :)

  8. I am glad you dropped in Kitty...large wood paddles are only good for bonfires...but master disagrees! Abby

  9. Beautiful Grandma, your master has some wonderful 'spanking toys's', that you discribe. Of course the last one, that pliable stinging 'cane', is my favorite. Hopefully your master will use it frequently to painfully warm your bare bottom.