Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a hot and steamy August afternoon....

So far it has been a good week here...yesterday i got to indulge in one of my vices....and it had nothing to do with Master, except for getting His permission.
I spent a fun day at one of the nearby casinos, with a good friend. We laughed, we had fun, she won !! , i loss...boo....but it was great fun.

Today is one of those hot and steamy August days, that make me long for fall. It has been one unusually hot summer here, and although i don't love the snow, this heat is doing me in. What? You thought my title was not weather related...silly me!

This was maintenance afternoon..and then some. Master managed some extra time, so we also had a "play" session. I have been quite good lately, and reaping those rewards is wonderful! As with all sessions, i start by kneeling for Him, while He re-claims, relaxes and soothes me, with His wonderful hands. I love His hands.

Then on to a wonderful hand warm-up, throw in a little rubbing, and i am so relaxed. Since this was part maintenance, the little wooden paddle was next. When it follows a nice warm-up, it is a good way for me to start to just let go. I realize the paddling is done, as i hear His belt being removed..now there is a sound that sends shivers.

Just as i was getting used to the beat and the sting on my bottom, i felt a thud on my back...not expecting it, i voiced my surprise. After a reminder that all of me is fair game, i settled in. We then tested the belt as a sinlgle layer or doubled up. I enjoyed the single layer on my bottom, but liked the double up sensation better on my back...more thud, less sting, maybe. Neither one gets my vote on my thighs!

Then i heard the words i still am not used to, turn over, equal treatment on the front. When i am on my back i feel less open, more hidden, safer maybe. I am better about going over and exposing my front, but it still takes a couple deep breaths. Using just the tip of the belt, on my breast..there are soo sensitive..and on my pussy. I was starting to squirm, and moan, when he switched to His hand. I still don't understand the pain/pleasure relationship that happens, but there is no denying it.

I am soon asking for permission to cum, Master says convince me. I am not a beggar by nature, but when a girl needs a permission, she will resort to most any means. Master seems to know, just when to say, "cum for me". Three or maybe four commands to cum later, i am begging, please no more. I am spent, sweaty, and sooo sated. Thank You Master!

After some after care, it is time to ask for permission to get up and get dressed. Hot, steamy, sweaty August afternoons, do have a certain appeal after all!


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