Friday, August 20, 2010

family time...and a "reminder"

This was a good report day..i lost 1 pound! It is not much, but enough to keep Master happy..and a happy Master...
Our meeting this afternoon, was soooo much nicer that the one on Tuesday. Master gave me what He calls a "reminder" remind me to stay on course! A nice hand warm-up, then on to one of His smaller paddles....the best part of a reminder..the rubbing away of the sting, between "sets"!

As often happens, that rubbing, leads to heat elsewhere..Master often encourages me to try to cum while He is paddling me..and much to my surprise it has happened a few times! Who knew....pain and pleasure could be sooo closely linked..i know all of you out there have known that for a while!

This afternoon, Master helped me go over that edge...a few times. I could use reminders of that more often!

The spanking was also a reminder to take with me. I am leaving for Boston early in the morning. My youngest grand-daughter is turning 1! Her cousin, my first grand-daughter is 28 months! We are all coming together for 5 wonderful days. Since we live in 3 different states, that does not happen often enough for this grandma!

For the next 5 days i will be enjoying cuddles, playing dress-up, tea parties, laughs, the zoo, and the making of wonderful memories! Lucky me!!! Hope you all are having half as much fun!


  1. Abby, have fun and enjoy time with your grandchildren.