Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the 2 pound "discussion"

Master and i had our little discussion this afternoon. Have i ever told you how much i love ice cream..always have..it is soo yummy! Our "talk" began like this..

M...how did you manage to gain 2 pounds over the weekend?

me...well no wii or walking..i splurged on some ice cream..real ice cream..it was soooo good!

M...how many times have you had ice cream since Friday?

me...(utoh)...hmmm...4 times..Sir

M...4? over a 3 day weekend..??

me..well.....i had some last nite...(why is honesty the best policy?)

M..after a plus 2 pound weigh-in you ate more ice cream?

me..well..i figured if i finished the carton the temptation would be gone (i know you all agree with my train of thought!)

M...so now i have to make sure that the next time you think of eating ice cream...you think back to today and decide it is not worth it..


At least it was over his lap, and i did get a short warm up.
Then the ..i think it is mahagony..paddle, with the holes in it..at least it is not a big paddle. He started slowly, making each hit harder,,and harder. I used to try to count how many, but i am usually too busy thinking breathe, stay in place, breathe, to count much. It only takes about 5 minutes for me to get to the ..i am sorry, Sir. His reply is sorry is good, but we are not finished.
He starts in much faster...i hate faster, no time to process. Then i make a big mistake...i say..ok, You have made your point! I decide when my point is made, is the reply..and He shows me that He can make a stronger one.
Staying in place is becoming very difficult, and we are at the point where nothing matters but my bottom and how it is burning and stinging..OUCH!
Finally He stops..maybe around 15 minutes...my perceptions are somewhat limited by now. I am given permission to sit up, bare bottomed, i get a hug or two..then the chat continues.
M..since you think finishing off the carton is a way of avoiding temptation, I have a better way. No more ice cream in the house.
me..none?..what about the light, or double churned or sugar free or the sinlge portions one? (life without ice cream..is unimaginable)
M..none..( i guess Master has a better imagination than i do). And, you need my explicit permission to go out and have ice cream or to have ice cream at a party or any place.
me..hmm this weekend is Maya's first birthday (my granddaughter)
M .. you are not allowed any ice cream..dont waste a text asking.
me..Yes Sir..(pouting)
M..lol..pouting?? will not help..remember when you gave yourself to me..it was all of you..I am in charge of You..You are mine..I am in charge..
me..Yes Sir, good bye ice cream...
M..also, my plan is that we will meet again this Friday to remind you of what happens when you eat ice cream and gain 2 pounds. I want to be sure you remember when you are away.
me..(silence)...then... yes Sir.
i am still trying to figure out life without ice cream..lol..hopefully when i reach my new goal...we can re-negotiate..i am sure all of you out there would agree with me!
More important than ice cream, is the fact that as i sit here, with a tender, somewhat still throbbing bottom, i know that all is right in my world. I am His..He is in charge...all is right once again.


  1. Abby:
    It's good of him to take you from ice cream to "I scream". May you melt in his hands.

  2. Maybe he will allow you have this:

    Banana "ice cream"
    cut up two very ripe bananas and freeze them
    once frozen, put in blender with 1/2 cup milk & 1 scoop (about 24g) vanilla protein powder
    blend until smooth
    divide into 2 portions

    This is a recipe that I LOVE from my Body For Life Cookbook. If you aren't eating lots of sugar, this will taste like heaven. It will be like soft serve, I always add a little bit of chocolate syrup and chopped nuts.

  3. BabyMan..i love your use of words..gave me a good chuckle..and he does know how to turn me to jello...abby

    ally..i have asked Master about trying your recipe..will let you know..my fingers are crossed..thanks for sharing it!...abby

  4. Abby,

    Nice to meet you. I have just begun my weight loss journey. Glad Sir is helping you along, it sounds like this is working for you.


  5. Kady,
    Nice to meet you and welcome! Everyone has to find what works for them..but i can be a great cheerleader, and have learned a few things if you ever want to share!