Friday, July 9, 2010

not all leather is created equally.....

July 9 2010

i am sooo mellow this morning..Master and i had a wonderful session last night.

Our sessions always begin with me kneeling, naked, at His feet. He massages and rubs, and gets into my hair..and pulls and tweaks at my nipples..and says the words i need to hear, and all is being set right in my world.

After a long OTK warm-up with His hand..a real treat!..i get on my tummy...and see the bath brush come out of His the bath brush..i have one of those love/hate toys.....He started slowly..and often turned it over to use the bristle side ..gently..all over. nice..of course He ended with a long hard flurry...also reminding me that thighs and legs..and all parts of my body are fair game.

Then it was leather time..i love His leather toys...the large strap..the small strap..the crop (amazing the places that can reach)....the horse hair flogger..and then my absolute favorite....the large leather flogger. I can never get enough of it. If i have any stress left in my body..the flogger pushes it all out...harder and faster....flowing freely around my is when i usually feel myself "letting go" and floating...

Master's favorite leather is..i think..His whip. i think it is nice when it is soft and gentle...we probably all know how long that lasts. Last night He really got going...i kept telling myself..breathe, hang on, breathe, don't move, BREATHE.
Just when i was thinking it feels like He must drawing blood..which, of course, He was not....i feel Him rubbing the burn out, talking softly, praising me, admiring the stripes.....til He decides...there are a few spots with no stripes, and He starts again. This time is easier, He is telling me how pleased He is that i am willing to please Him in this way, to give Him the pleasure of whipping me, to serve Him in this way.

Time to turn over on my back..i take a deep breath and close my eyes. All of the leather toys are used again..yes even the whip. i have never been found of breast play..or pain. i have learned to tolerate it, and sometimes..enjoy it..a little..(Master will smile at this). He is tweaking and pulling at my breast..and then i feel the big pinch of clothes pins...and the hands are under the pillow used for my head...and are supposed to stay there..they come out..i get a warning...then move them again. This time, i am told to grab the clothe's pins and hold them up. i hesitate, but only for a second...pull higher..i do..finally He asks if i would like to put my hands back under the pillow and keep them there..Yes Sir! and i do..lesson learned.

During all of this Master is playing and teasing me, getting me just to the edge of an orgasm..and pulling away..and reminding permission yet! Finally....He is filling me with His hand...and permission is granted..i honestly do not remember how often i made use of that permission..but it was often and intense!! :)

He is now besides me, hugging, holding me close, telling me how well i did, helping back to a "safe landing".

* i am heading out of town for a couple my next few posts will be the start of a look back to the road Master and i have traveled in the last 8 years...


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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful session. I'm not a bath brush fan unless it pretty light but I am a real leather fan. I look forward to more.


    LOL the word verification was iflog!