Friday, July 30, 2010

Maintenance day...July 30, 2010

Today was maintenance spanking day. Master's little paddle comes out, and i get a reminder of what it means to be His submissive. I had an especially good week this week...and He was pleased...but paddles do sting!
We started maintenance spankings about 2 months ago. I had sent Master an email, about feeling "needy", and He decided maintenance was the anwer. They are good for me. I no longer have to wonder when my next spanking will be, and the voices in my head...the ones that lead to no good....have been strangely quiet. One of the rules that goes along with maintenance is that i have to make it happen, check our schedules, remind Him..whatever it takes. When He first mentioned this rule, i was not pleased, for a couple reasons. He explained, it was practice in asking for what i need or want. I will admit, i am not very good at that. He has helped me to remember to set it up, and this week i did it with no reminders. A little thing maybe, but big for me.
After the spanking, Master thanked me for giving Him the gift of my submission. It was nice to hear, but set me to thinking. When i first was looking for information of submission, i ran across the term, submission is a gift, frequently. What a nice way to look at it, i thought. Now i think it is a rather narrow way to look at it.
For me, it took a special man to recognize and help me to accept my submission. In my mind, a man or a woman who accepts the role of Master/Mistress, Dom/Dommer, Spanker, or giving His/Her partner a gift also. It seems to me they have the more difficult job. So they are also giving their partners a special gift. I guees it is very nice when both partners feel they are getting a gift!
I am going to try and post here more regularly.
Hope everyone has a good weekend..


  1. Both getting a gift? Hmmmm... never thought of it that way. I always just thought it was all about me. Kidding. Maybe. Maybe not. Okay. I'm kidding. I think.

  2. LOL.....maybe it works best when each pary thinks it's all about them! abby

  3. I love the idea of maintenance. We started but did not continue. Maybe it would have if i were the one scheduling it. Like you it very hard for me to ask specifically for a spanking. I'm still wanting him to bring it up and take care of it. But we're working on it. Glad things are going well for you.


  4. Thanks PK...I thought it might only last for a short time..and then, things woudl get in the way...but that has not happened..and it is good for me.