Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the beginning...December 2002


I am out of town for a couple my blogging will be the start of a look back to where Master and i have been. was a word i thought about often..too often..tried to visualize..tried to banish from my head...finally i decided to find out i typed the word into a search engine..Oh My! Reading about spanking..only made me want it more...Why could i not get it out of my head??

From thinking i progressed to searching on-line...and finally to emailing a few online friends..mostly dominants...

That is how Master and i started..on line, sending emails, phone calls..and finally agreeing to meet. Even as i agreed i wasn't sure i could do it..go and meet Him...yes He had been understanding, and funny, and interesting, and the first time i heard His voice, i was enthralled, just by the sound of it (still am!). But and meet with someone that i had only met on-line???

We were meeting late one afternoon, He gave me the choice for beer or coffee, without really thinking about it...i chose beer. He laughed and said good choice. I arrived at the place a few minutes early, and sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes, trying to decide if i could actually go in and meet Him. I finally talked myself into the free beer.

We talked for close to an hour, i think. Actually He did most of the talking, and i remember thinking...yikes..He uses the work spank in every other sentence! The sound or tone of His voice, His sense of humor, and His understanding of how i was feeling, won me over.

The man i now call Master, gave me my first spanking...using only His hand and over clothing, but it was a spanking...and i was thrilled! I could not believe i had actually been spanked...worse i had no one to jump up and down with and share my news.

I went home thinking finally! finally! i can forget all about this spanking business, and move on..i really did think that. Of course, a couple days later, i was wondering if i could get a second spanking on how soon could it happen...a spanko had been born!

At the time in my life when i thought i would be "settling in" and looking back on my best years, i was starting a brand new journey,,,one that i still wonder at, one that would take me places i had only imagined, and a few places i never could have imagined!

Stay cool everyone...til next time


  1. Abby... I'm lurking back. Your story is enthralling and you are a wonderful writer!


  2. Oh... and I'm so glad you didn't stop blogging after this 3rd post!