Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i am back..to blogging and home....July 27

I meant to blog more while i was away...but watching an 11 month old...walk, run, climb, and think naps are a waste of time..left me exhausted! I would not have missed it for a minute!
To be honest, i had decided to give up on the blogging...had the conversion i was going to have with Master all worked in my head...i often figure out how the conversations will go ahead of time...lol...to absolutely no avail! We had that talk this afternoon...and here i am blogging! He hopes it will help me to be "me", if i am "talking" to like minded people.
Master has helped me to accomplish many goals since we met. Shortly after He started to spank me...before we were into D/s....i asked Him to help me lose some weight..my oldest daughter was getting married..and i wanted to lose to look and feel better. We had 1 year before the wedding...so the goal was 50 pounds! I lost it...was soo excited...found some of it again....but with His help lost it again..have recently lost 10 more...the battle now is to keep it all off...but Master is one determined (read stubborn)....man....and i have learned that making a deal with Him..is like signing in blood..once i say i will do this...it WILL get done.
When i am out of town...i still have certain rules to follow...keeping in touch, my daily reports....and no gaining more than 2 pounds! He is reasonable..most of the time..so allows me the 2 pounds for ice cream treats...and not having my wii to do my daily workouts.....
My report to Him on Monday, indicated i had gained 5 pounds...not good.
It is good that He keeps me accountable..otherwise all my hard work to lose it, would have been a waste. So we met today....for a paddling.....with this little wooden paddle...little, but a big wallop! A long hand warm-up...thank You Master...love his hand.....then the punishment part. Three separate paddlings, each one a little harder...ending with a flourish, that left me breathless....As He said..it is meant to be a deterrent and remembered...
Then, He had me stand in a corner..that has not happened in years....i thought He gave it up because i hated it..and was not good at just quietly standing....i don't like it any better..but i did stand there quietly thinking about consequences.
Punishments used to be much more frequent when we first started. Now, mostly i get reminders....i have come to really want to please Him, and to match my actions to my wishes to please Him. We also have maintenance once a week, which for me, is a wonderful way to keep focused and calm. Maybe maintenance will be a future blog.
It is good to be back....will post again before the week is over...


  1. Abby,
    We have tried to use discipline to help me lose weight too. But mine has crept back slowly and I don't seem to be able to get in the right head space to get on the losing road again. But I want it to work. Nick has never been really into discipline.

    I hope you'll keep blogging. I think you will enjoy it more if you read around and comment to several people. That's the best way to get to know people.


  2. Hi Abby, boy oh boy do I understand weight loss. Good luck with it. When is/was the wedding?

  3. Eva...Thanks for visiting! I am new at this...so having "visitors" is exciting! Wedding was a few years ago...and was wonderful...!