Tuesday, July 6, 2010


After much "urging" by my Master...and lots of lurking ...i am taking the plunge into blog world.
A bit about me...when i reached the age of 50, i found the nerve to type spanking into my computer's search engine..oh my!!! A few months later, i received my first spanking. The gentleman who initiated me into the world of spanking..became my Master 2 years later. Our M/s journey was started 6 years ago. He has thought me a lot about me, about acceptance, about never saying never.
I hope to touch others with this blog..as many of you have touched me. My entries will include a report on my sessions with Master, a look back at what we have been doing..and possible comments on topics that catch my attention.
After each session with Master i am to send Him a "feedback", sort of an open forum on my feelings. Master told me today, after our maintenance meeting, to report on the maintenance as my first post.
We started maintenance spankings about 10 weeks ago..they happen weekly, unless life really intrudes, and are not punishment or a fun play time or a heavy session. Master says they are to remind me who i am, who i belong to, and to keep me from earning a major punishment. So far it has worked pretty well.
Lately they have been with a small wooden paddle, over His lap...generally, like today, i get a warm-up with the paddle, then my bottom is bared and He gets more serious with the paddle. Today He finished with a fast flurry of hard spanks...something for me to remember when i was writing this. Tonight, as i sit here with a tender bottom, i know all is right with my world...
i hope to post at least a couple times a week...
til next time... abby


  1. Abby,
    It's so nice to see you here. Blogging is a different world. We may not see each other but here you can be known for who you really are. As someone who is interested in spanking I know there is always this 'secret' we hide from the vast majority of our friends. It's so relaxing to be able to be ourselves here. I'll be back and I look forward to getting better acquainted.


  2. Thanks for dropping by...abby

  3. Abby: I found you from your comment on PK's blog. Like PK, I want to welcome you to the blogging community. AS PK said, we can be ourselves here and I hope you will share your thoughts and adventures with us frequently. And hope you visit my blog, I like what you've done so far and will be back.