Friday, January 12, 2018

Questions from Baker..

           Baker  posted some questions pertaining to our similarities/differences...getting to know each other is my 2 cents worth.

1. Are you an introvert or extrovert, or some where in between? What about your HOH?

According to chart provided, I am much more of an extrovert...I think that might be true of most teachers. If I am around a new group of people, then they probably see me as introvert. Master is positively an extrovert, checked off all of those traits in the extrovert column on your chart.

2. At what age did you realize spanking was something you were attracted to and at what length did you go to hide it?

I was a late comer, in my 40's. For a long time...years... it was all about books and fantasizing. Master was the first person who I actually had a conversation with about it. He had been to spanking 'parties' and spanked quite a few ladies.

It was freeing...and a little weird at first...talking out loud about my secret fantasies.

3. Did you know anyone else in your family who practices DD, TTWD, etc. and how did you learn they did?

No, not a sole that I am aware of....

4. Are you a homebody or outgoing?

Hmmm...both? I do enjoy my quiet days at home, but I also love going out and having fun with friends and family. I rarely refuse an invite for some fun, and will initiate maybe slightly more outgoing?

5. How do you view blogging? Is it an outlet? The way you process?

I started blogging because Master insisted...I was very hesitant...after my third post, I told him I was done...He said give it 6 months then decide....that was 7 years ago. For me it is a place of acceptance, a place where I can share an important part of me without judgement. It has become a place of friendships, new ideas, sometimes much needed very wise advice.

6. What tendencies do you see in your DD and TTWD friends and bloggers??

I see a group who have found a wonderful outlet for a part of our lives that is very private. A place we can share, learn, discuss, and feel acceptance. I see very strong woman in most parts of their lives who dared to take a step into the unknown, in an effort to better their lives, their marriages , their relationships, their curiosity. I see a group who have a delightful 'little secret' than enriches our lives, our relationship, maybe even our view of ourselves.

7. Are you a lover of the printed word?

Oh , yes, always have been. Even as a child I was often found with a nose in a book. I belong to a book club, in an effort to explore books I might not pick up on my own, and to share some wonderful discussions on the books, helping me to see some things with a new perspective. I am also loving passing that on to the grands...they are all book lovers, and would be disappointed if grandma ever showed without a new book to share. The oldest (9) and I are working on writing on illustrating a book series....we are on book 3.

8. Do you view yourself as a submissive?

The first time M used the work submissive to me, I laughed out loud and said it showed how little he really knew me. For a very long time, out of necessity, I was the in charge a classroom, the oldest sibling, raising 3 children...

but my answer to that today is yes, I am a submissive, and it enriches my life, it is a part of my life that I treasure, and know how lucky I am to be traveling this road with M. Does that one word define all of

9. What traits do you see in your HOH that help you follow His lead?

Oh, my where do I start with this one...

His voice...or more exactly that certain tone, that he uses that draws me in.

His willingness to get to really know me...I am not an open book..not an 'easy read'. It took a long time, and lots of hard work for M to get me to open up, to let him in. He really knows all of me...and accepts all of me and that is a wonderful gift he has given me.

His trustworthiness...It took me way too long to really believe that when he said to me...I am here to stay, not going any place....that he meant it. I know without a doubt, that he always wants what is best for me, for us.

Thanks Baker, for a great idea for a post...

hugs abby

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bored....No Way!

      One of the questions Master will ask me periodically is..."are you bored, yet"...I always answer no...He is very creative, in many ways, and as He puts it likes to keep me on my toes...
     I think I am fairly good at surprises and can be creative...I have mentioned here one of the things I will sometimes do when I am away, or life has become very busy, is I will text Him every hour, sometime during the hour.  Usually just a variation of I am thinking of you, something along the thought of 'all of me, all of the time, sometimes a pic...a mixture of things just to let Him know I am thinking of Him.  He always says He enjoys such days, gives him a lift and something to look forward to. 
        On New Year's Eve, He was working, and I decided to do the hourly texting, but switched it up a little by adding a theme...favorite memories of us.  He loved it....and I very much enjoyed the walk..texting..down memory lane.  I was thinking it would be a nice occasional thing to add something to as ordinary day...silly me.
        Since then Master has informed me three times of the theme for the day for my hourly text....I do enjoy it and am please He does also..but I was planning a much more occasional thing.  His themes have been...the hardest or scariest things that He has asked of me.  This one took a lot of thought. When we first started, just about everything fit into this category. Later, when we were discussing the list he added a couple of things that he expected to see, that were not on the list...but, he was right.  His next theme was...things you have learned about me.  I thought I might need to be a little careful about this, but it turned out to be the easiest one yet...
       Yesterday I was told to pick a toy from his 'toy bag' every hour and rate it.  He has quite a toy bag, and I tried to even out the low rated toys and the higher my way of thinking...or feeling them.  Yesterday was also maintenance day..yes on a Wednesday, life is still keeping us very occupied with many things.  
      We started with , as always, my naked kneeling time.   I was really squirming as He concentrated on my nipples, and moved my hands from their required position...clasped behind me...the pinching became much harder and I was told would continue until my hands were back where they belonged.  Quite an incentive for keeping them where He wants them.
Finally I was invited over his lap, starting with a nice hand warm-up followed by 4 sets of 25 with the small, but very effective, maintenance paddle.  I started squirming and ouching very quickly...Master saying that is sign that not enough spanky stuff has been happening.
        Maintenance over with, Master pulled out the horse hair flogger. It is like a mini or baby flogger, and I love it. I had put it on my list as something that does not come out of the toy bag often enough and why I miss it.   He started with it on my back, thighs, had me face him and spread my legs, up and down all was sooo nice.
        Master then pulled out the rose, brown leather paddle...I had also mentioned that it was one of my favorites, like his hand only covers more territory with each spank. He treated me to a few sets with it, I was so in that wonderful 'spanking zone'.
     Master told me not to fall asleep yet, there was one more toy that I had rated high on my list...the flogger. (Sometimes, often, he can be such a sweetie:), he helped me up, and I leaned against the mantle, and Master went up an down my body with the flogger.  By the time He as done I could feel my 'wetness' puddling....Master checked and laughed saying He knew what He would find, and I did not disappoint Him. So, of course we moved on, to ending our play time, both spent and ready for a nap.  
       This morning as he is leaving, I hear...don't forget your hourly text...I look surprised, and asked if that is a new routine...He gives me that ...look...which usually means, yes indeed something new has been added to my day.  As he is walking out he keeps us much closer all day, and makes his day better. that I am His...oh yes!
hugs abby

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Baby It's Cold Outside...but Inside...

          Let's say it is nice and toasty!  Yes, we are deep in snow and cold...but knowing that even Florida is getting some of the white stuff makes it more bearable.  Hope all of you are safe and warm...and partaking of lots of indoor fun activities;).
     The kids and grands are all back home...both live in places where the blizzard is hitting, so I am happy they left in time to make it home safely.  We had planned a girl's weekend this coming weekend, but looks like that old man Winter has other thoughts.
     Master and I had some 'just us' time yesterday....starting in the usual way...with my naked kneeling.  I could feel myself relax and let go as His hands traveled and claimed all of me.
Then over His knees for a hand know it has 
been too long between spankings when a hard warm-up has you squirming....Master nicely including lots of rubbing to help me relax.  Since this is a new year, we are starting fresh with maintenance spankings 👏.  
   Two sets of 25 before I get a break, to try and distract Master...:) never works.  Then the last two sets, and I am back on knees pleasuring Him....I hear no swallowing without permission.  With my mouth full, Master decides I should cum and swallow at the same time.  Now, usually I try to last as long as possible...feels so good...but I knew that was not a good strategy this time. 
    After a bit of snuggle time, Master say he has a new belt he wants to break my experience new belts are way too stiff...I am told to present my bottom, and the first few have me ouching and moving.  Master does say the belt feels heavier than his others....note to self....test the weight of a belt before purchasing.  Finally he says he is happy with my warm, red bottom, and we get some quiet, snuggle time.
    On a side note...Master and I text a lot to keep in touch...When I am away, or sometimes just as a surprise to him I will pick a topic/theme and send him a text every hour having to do with it.  Last week when I was busy with the grands and the new year was approaching I picked the theme favorite memories of us...and sent him a shot text with a quick memory of the past....17 years.  He loves it when I do this, and told me he especially enjoyed this one.  I was told that today, he wants a text every hour of what has been the hardest/scariest thing that I remember.  This is the first time he has given me a topic or theme, so I was pleased....but this one has taken some thought.  It is providing me with lots of proof about how far we have come.
    Stay warm and safe everyone!
hugs abby

Monday, January 1, 2018

Blessings for the New Year...

........I want to start by thanking all of you for the support you offered me this year.  I wish all of you blessings, wonderful memory making moments, lots of laughter and love and...oh yes..good girl spankings!
....Our celebrations are always planned around when we can all be together. This year, daughter and crew were here before Christmas, so Santa came and left gifts for them to open on Christmas morning.  The same thing happened at my son's...he and his crew arrived the day after Christmas...that is when we had our big family Christmas.   We also got in some sledding, a couple museums, a movie, and lots of family games.
....I managed with only a couple of "those looks" from Master...and I am now trying to remember to add the word Sir back into my vocabulary.  
....Not sure what  weather you are all having but it has been...and will continue to be FREEZING here..mostly below zero...with lots of snow.  Not supposed to let up for at least a couple of weeks...UGH.  I have to admit, Master has many creative ways to keep me warm:)...
....Wishing all of you a new year that finds you healthy, content, and with many new memory making opportunities....
hugs abby

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tis the Season...

           Tis the season for so many things...hope you are all putting aside some time to just enjoy and share with friends and family members.  This is a catch-up, catch-all post...
.......Maintenance this week was on Tuesday...After my naked kneeling, and re-claiming time I was over Master's lap. He is reminding me, that no matter how busy I am the rest of the week getting ready, I am to remember that I am not in this alone, that I belong to Him, and to keep breathing.  As Master was telling me this, He was also warming up my bottom..He is very good at multi-tasking.   He tells me He will be using one of my favorites, the rose leather paddle for maintenance. WOW....that is good news. I relax and enjoy...those words rarely go along with maintenance.  When He is done, I am on my knees thanking Him (and this time I mean  Then Master announces, time for his favorite....ut oh....that usually means His whip.  I was right, He has me get up and lean over a pillow, and He is whipping my back..I am not quiet, I don't think there is such a thing as an easy whipping.  When He feels my back is nice and toasty and striped He gives me a nice back rub, just as I am relaxing, He announces that He wants to whip my bottom...He does not think that has happened in a long time ( not nearly long enough to my way of thinking).  He leaves my bottom, very tingly and sore. 
...........There are some questions from the meme going around that I have not here goes.. Katie's question...Pick something to talk to your partner/spouse about related to spanky business during the holidays. What would it be?  We have had this talk...splurges are allowed, been when He taps my hand or gives me the 'look' I do not need another cookie or whatever it is I am reaching for.
Tersichore's question...Do you enjoy listening to Christmas music? Do you have a favorite song? I love Christmas music, and love to sing (my version of sing) along. My favorites would include, "What Child is This?", "Joy to the World" and "White Christmas".
Ronnie's questions...colored or white lights?..your worst present?   Well, neither.  I have the frog tree, the decorations are all mostly green or have some green on them, since they all either are frogs or have something to do with frogs.  I found the decorations got loss in a green tree.  So I use a white tree, and because of my theme, I use all green lights.  The tree is chock full and at night when the tree lights are on the tree seems to is quite least I like it.
Worst present..hmmm....well, a gift card to a grocery store, it was useful, but not personal.
Rosie's question...Fairy or star on top of the tree? Would you believe a frog angel...yes there is such a thing.
Meridith's question..What is planned for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners?  Christmas eve....everyone gets to choose favorite munchie or appetizer, and we make those and munch away all evening.  We get quite a variety, and the grands love that they get a say. Dessert is chocolate fondue! Christmas Dinner is more traditional, usually a ham or turkey, altho this year, I have made lasagna ahead of time and it is in the freezer..that way we just have to make a salad and some garlic bread. Dessert is a birthday cake for baby Jesus.
Ella's question...Has your tree ever fallen down? Thankfully no.
I think that covers all the questions...
.......(chapter 3...if you are still reading)...The first set of grands arrive tomorrow, Master wanted to be sure, I at least started the week, with a warm bottom to remind me that perfection is not necessary, and to ask for help.  I did tell him that my bottom was still sore from Tuesday's maintenance, He nodded and said good, we will be layering the soreness, it will last longer.  After my kneeling time, I was over His knee, and He nicely started with His hand and I was already squirming.  He switched to a shamrock paddle, and I was quickly getting vocal.   He did stop for some soothing rubbing, but it seemed like forever before I heard..enough of that.  
My relief was short lived, as He told me, the rest of his plan ...a striped bottom to keep me calm during the week ahead.
He had me lean over a pillow, I was complaining from the beginning, as He was telling me , these were the light ones.  He did give me a couple breaks, where I was challenged to distract Him from continuing..I did my best, but it did not deter Him..Finally, He is admiring His 'art work' striped bottom...tracing the stripes, kissing them, lightly rubbing them, until I start to squirm for another reason. When we are both sated, we soon til soon enough.
....and finally...I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas....I hope you get to see some of the wonder of the holiday through the  eyes of some special  young ones, that all of you who are struggling for whatever reason, remember that it is a season for miracles, and as my sore bottom will be reminding will be wonderful even if not every item on my list is crossed off, and I do not have to do it all myself....Enjoy and make some wonderful memories!
Hugs abby

Friday, December 15, 2017

Maintenance...Variety Style

                 BRRR...Winter has arrived, and since it is nice to have a white Christmas, I will let it stay until then...yes I am a little delusional.  We are headed to my daughter's tomorrow, and on Sunday meet up with my son's family. We seem to be on an every other year Christmas outing to NYC. We see the morning Rockettes' Show, ooh and ahh at the beautiful Rockefeller tree, have lunch and see something new.  
         Maintenance this week was on Thursday, Master said it would be a variety maintenance.  I was not sure what that meant, but knew it would start with some naked kneeling time. Master was using His hands and voice to remind me that  no matter what, 'all of me, all of the time...HIS'.  As soon as I am relaxed, Master has me get over his knee, and He starts with a hand warm-up, while we are still chatting a bit.
The maintenance paddle always seems to just appear in His hand and He starts in has been more than a week.  Four sets of 25, rubbing between sets, each set a little harder...I settle into the routine.  After the last set Master tells me time to 'thank him'..I am up and on my knees, enjoying His taste. Master is also making sure that I am enjoying, using His fingers to get me 'all wet, soppy and messy'...His description.
       Just as I am thinking permission time...Master says to is maintenance---variety style.  He tells me to go to His bag and get a leather toy for round two. Round two ..of maintenance...I look at Him trying to wrap my head around this idea of His. He tells me ...we could repeat round one first as He picks up the maintenance paddle. I get up and moving, looking for my favorite rose paddle, as Master is telling me to decide or He will.  I cannot find the rose paddle, but do find a black leather paddle, hand it to Master and get back over His knee. Different paddle, same routine...4 sets of 25 with a stop for some rubbing  after each set, and me 'thanking' Master at 100. 
        Master then tells me to get a wooden paddle out of His bag.  I think about telling Him, He already used wood when He started with the maintenance paddle, but know better, He would probably use it again and still have me get another wooden one.  I am looking for the lightest one I can find, first one out is a shamrock one....small, but heavy.  The next one I find is the 'My Paddleman' gift to Him a few Christmases ago.  I put it aside, but the next one is a mahagony paddle same size, but heavier.  Master is giving me the..decide!..look so I choose the paddleman one. He is surprised, but pleased at my choice.   Same routine...third time.
         I am thinking..hoping...we might be done.  Master says, one more since we have missed quite a few. The only different paddle left is the acrylic one, I am not happy, even on a very warm bottom, it HURTS!  Master surprises me, and asks if I would like to get the flogger out of His bag. No need to ask me twice....He tells me to stay standing and lean into the mantle of the fireplace. Same routine, He starts off with lots of swishing and very light....ohhhhh, soooo nice.  Each set is heavier, but I am in my zone, enjoying the sensations. After the last set Master is rubbing my back telling me how nice and warm it is.  I am so relaxed....and I hear...turn around, put one hand under each breast and present them to me.
      Not words I love to hear, but I am mellow and know that it will happen.  I close my eyes, since otherwise I flinch and get out of position.  He is still using the flogger, but not at full length.  One set of 25, with only one warning not to cover my nipples and Master is please.  Master knows that ending with the flogger will have me practically dripping and just about ready to ask for a permission.  Master decides I should 'simmer' a He stirs the pot and makes sure I will explode on His command.  I am soon begging for permissions...and as Master said much later.....that was one..or two...or three...for the books....I just nod as I snuggle into Him content, satiated.....and ready for a nap.
hugs abby


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sunny's MEME

Can You Fill This Out Without Fibbing? (yes, since Master will be reading

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
    a mini Christmas mint cookie
2. Where was your profile picture taken?
    at one of the grand's...all wearing matching frog shirts
3. Worst pain?
    Three years ago when I had the largest gall stone the doc's had ever seen....not the thing I would have chosen to be known for...
4. Favorite place I have traveled?
    Tough one, I have enjoyed all of them...a girl's trip many years ago to England, Scotland and Ireland.
5. How late did you stay up  last night?
     I am usually in bed around 10:00, but last night was the Alabama election, I was up til midnight watching the results.
6. If you could would you move?
    Yes, someplace with no snow and walking distance to the nearest beach.
7. Favorite toy as a child?
    Probably my bicycle....
8. Favorite TV show as  a kid?
9. How do you feel right now?
    Content...looking forward to a fun weekend with the grands.
10. When was the last time you cried?
       A few days favorite uncle ( I had 16 uncles) passed  away....remembering our special memories.
11. Who took your profile picture?
        My daughter
12.  Who is the last person you took a picture with?
        Probably one or more of the grands.
13.  What is your favorite season?
        Fall ... love the foliage, the cooler weather, and usually no snow!
14.   If you could have any career what would you pick?
       Most days I loved the career I had...teaching junior high.
       Being retired is a close second.
15.  Do you think relationships are worth it?
       YES.....cannot imagine the loneliness otherwise.
16. If you could talk to anyone right now, who would it be? parents since question did not specify had to be living.
17.  Are you a good influence?
      LOL....I think much better now that I am older.
18. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
      Yes, if there is also ham and cheese.
 19.   You have the remote what are you watching right now?
        Right now, a Christmas Special...usually something on NetFlix.
20.  Who do you think will play along?
Sunny's question:
Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
  Both...we get to open one from another member of the family on Christmas Eve, and everything else in the morning.

My question...Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration?
Mine is a floor to ceiling wall hanging of a decorated christmas tree with presents all made from felt.  I made it the year I was pregnant with my oldest daughter....she has already made it know it is hers when I stop decorating.

hugs abby