Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's Baseball Betting Season!

      Those of you who have been around for a while know that I am a die-hard, since birth, Red Sox fan.  My mom would call me at the end of every game the Sox won...even if it was mid-night or she could share the good news with me.  Master, does have one major fault....He always has been a (damn) Yankee fan.  This is one area where neither of us was going to we usually place a wager on the games....and no money is exchanged hands.
       This pass week, was the first Yankee/Red Sox series this season.  I asked Master if we were going to bet this year, He looked like I had lost my mind....always, He replied. He told me to decide the terms and let Him know.  I thought of a few bets, but had not settled on boys won the first game and Master asked me what  the wager was...I said I had not decided yet, was waiting to see what happened in the last 2 games. He laughed then said...nope, does not work that way.  Yanks win means I choose wood for the number of runs the winning team scored, times 20, Sox win you get the flogger for that many.  My boys were looking good and had won the first game, so I agreed (not that I really had any choice).  Much to my dismay, that other team won the next 2 games.
          Friday, I walk into the living room to see...a small paddle with holes, a cane and the flogger...and a grinning Master.  He tells me He is in a great mood, so He will let me choose the order, and He will throw in a hand warm-up:).  I know I want to end with the flogger...give me something to look forward to and end on a good note... so I choose the smaller paddle first, since it might be somewhat of a warm-up before the cane.  I do ask if we can change the multiplier....and just get a look....and a reminder, that this is a fun spanking.
       I am over His lap, for a lovely, much appreciated hand warm-up. Then it is time for the paddle score 1/9...He is not spanking nearly as hard as a maintenance spanking, but Master never just lightly taps....He does stop for some rubbing after each set. He asks if I would like a break before moving on, I nod and quickly get up and kneel and find His cock ....too soon, I hear time for the cane.
            He has me kneeling over the back of the sofa...and they are mostly quick taps....score was 8/0....and He does travel occasionally to my thighs.  My bottom is getting had just barely recovered from harder play Monday. I finally hear Master say, flogger time...I never count unless told to.
    I get to choose the position, I elect standing hanging on the the mantle..score 4/5.  Master does give me a delicious flogging with some swishing, all on my back.  My back and bottom are both emanating heat, and Master decides it is time to heat up other parts....
            I am already dripping, so it does not take long before permissions are needed, and we are both barely able to move.  Bet paid off.....and here's hoping my boys get better before the next series against those 'bad boys'....
Hope you are all having a great weekend, after weeks of cold and rain it is sunny here, supposed to be 90 by Monday....time to complain it is tooo hot!
hugs abby

Friday, June 9, 2017

Another First Monday...already??

     We all seem to think at one time or another that time flies, and as we get older it seems to pass at super-sonic speeds.  But since Master has started harder-play Monday's it seems that I hardly realize a whole month has flown right by.
       I was away this week for some 'girlfriend' time...some gambling, a hot tub, lots of laughs, a little shopping my post about this month's harder play is a little late....
      Monday morning Master tells me...He wants me dressed as a school girl, and have a report card waiting for Him when He gets that will show that I have not been a diligent student and need a 'strong reminder' of His expectations.
            I decided to go all out.  I had a letter from the principal along with a report card and comments waiting for Him, and I was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt when He finished work.  He asked if that was my school outfit...and I explained that I had not worn my uniform all week, explaining to the principal that I had spilled my breakfast on it Monday, and my dad had not had time to do any wash yet this week.
      That resulted in a raised eyebrow and being led to the sofa, bent over and hearing His belt moving through the loops.  He starts in with a scolding (He is a champion scolder, ) all the while letting the belt fly.  I was still dressed so it was over my jeans and undies, but I was OUCHING from the beginning.  That was for wearing my jeans and letting Him take the blame for not doing the wash.
     He then led me to a corner where I was to be perfectly still while He read His mail.  The letter was explaining why, unless things took a drastic change, I would be no longer welcomed to the school, followed by a list of the school rules I had "dis-regarded"...and the top one being...not working to potential, in fact not trying at all.  Another round of the belt.
       I then had to face Master as He opened and read my report card...I did get a B in reading, but then C's and D's.
Master pulled  out a paddle, and scolded explaining He expects all A's...yes I did start to argue, but His look quieted me immediately.  I was going to get 20 with the paddle for each letter grade below an A.....I pointed out a B was a decent grade, He replied that I loved reading, that one should be an easy A.  
               My bottom was warmed-up from the belting, but He was making His point perfectly clear.  I moved out of position once and was given a warning about starting over...I managed to stay put.  Master then had me repeat His expectations, and let me know that if I was asked to leave the school, I would not be sitting comfortable for a long time...He could spank me daily.
           I then was pulled into His lap, and we moved on to our more 'traditional' roles with some cuddling and loving.  
         In my daily conversations with Master this week, I reported a still sore bottom, yesterday it was down-graded to has been a while since a spanking has had such a lasting affect...
       It looks like that giant yellow ball in the sky has finally decided to make an appearance, we have had record rains, and no spring.  In the 90's by Monday, time to start complaining it is too hot...LOL. 
hugs abby

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hello...a catch-up post.....

      I have  been busy the pass couple of weeks, mostly wearing my grandma hat.  I started off at my daughter's for 10 days, she had a work trip to Paris and Germany (we should all have such work trips).  Master and I had arranged to have some of 'our' time, after I had walked the grands to school in the morning.  Master could text me from work, and I would be on my own....the youngest is in all day K.  It worked on Monday, with Master having my get close to orgasm, taking a break and getting close again, until finally I could cum for Him.  On Tuesday we were adding some self-spanking, when the school nurse called...the 5 year old had a temp of 99.4. So I went to pick him up, and the school rule is home for 24 hours with a temp, so he was home on Wed.  He really seemed fine to me..eating and wanting to play, no temp. Sent him in on Thursday to get another call from the nurse...he seemed a little lethargic and was not himself. I went to pick him diagnosis, missing mommy and wanting more alone time with grandma.  Friday was half a day, I mentioned my plan had been to pick him and his sister up and then go out to lunch..he was fine going to school and lasted until lunch time. 
   I got back home for M/M day....with one to make up for.  So after lots of hugging time, and some kneeling time, it was over Master's lap for a missed maintenance spanking...a lovely break...and then  for the regular maintenance one.  We then quickly moved on to much more enjoyable 'activities' for both us.
   I was home for 3 days, on the last day, I saw Master had laid out the small strap, a belt, the large strop and the flogger:)!  There was also a hair brush on the sofa.  After my naked kneeling, I was over Master's lap for a hand, followed by a hair brush warm-up.  Master then explained to me the plan.....He would use the strap, the belt, and the large strop in sets of 25...I could decide how many sets for each one.  Then the total number, would be how many I would get with the flogger.  (I did ask him, how long it takes Him to think up such things...He said no time at all).
  We started with the small strap, I went for 2 sets...50.  We then took a break, with me on my knees thanking Master for being so creative.  I 'enjoyed' 2 sets with the belt...50...then again thanked Master for being so kind.  I also stopped after 2 sets with the large strop...50 once again, and I once again thanked Master for being so kind.
    Just as I was in position for the flogger....150...I hear Master call me 'slave girl'...role play mode.  He is telling me that He is not satisfied with my enthusiasm and technique while sucking His cock, so I am in for a long hard flogging....He will then see if I have learned my lesson.  He will divide the 150 into three sets, each set a little harder.  He is continuing to call me 'slave girl' and to remind me why I am getting such a flogging.  As soon as the flogging is done, I am quickly on my knees showing enthusiastically that I have indeed learned my lesson:).
      I have been at my son's for the past week...the girls' had a 4 day weekend, and son and dil wanted to put in some extra work hours to build up vacation time.  The youngest has her pre-school spring show this afternoon, so I stayed for that and will be headed back to Master tomorrow morning.
A trip I am looking forward to, in addition to looking forward to catching up with all of you!
PS....short leash Wednesday has also gone into effect...even while I am away.  The basic is I have to ask for permission for EVERYTHING...and sometimes something extra is added...thanks for all your votes...
hugs abby

Monday, May 15, 2017

In Just One Word...

    First, a belated happy Mother's Day to all of you.  I am wearing my 'grandma' hat this week.  Daughter is back in Europe for a work trip....Here are my answer's to Terps one word meme....

1.   Where is your phone? pocket
2.   Your hair? short
3.   Your dad? missed
4.   Your other half? working
5.   Your favorite food? lobster
6.   Your dream last night? forgotten
7.   Your favorite drink? wine
8.   Fear? loss
9.   Favorite Shoes? sketchers
10. Favorite way to relax? music
11. Your mood? calm
12. I love? family
13. Where were you last night? grand's
14. Something that you aren't? athletic
15. Muffins? Yes!
16. Wish list item? Hawaii
17. Where you grew up? Maine
18. Last thing you did? Walmart
19. What are you wearing right now? clothes
20. Something you hate? unkindness
21. Your pets? cats
22. Friends? many
23. Life? interesting
24. Regrets? some
25. Missing someone? YES!

Have a happy Monday!
hugs abby

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A "Triple Play" Monday

         I have been trying to decide on font size...this one seems a bit large, but the one I usually use seems to be getting smaller (no comments needed on why:)..what do you all prefer, and any suggestions on others I might use?
    As you all know by now, Mondays in my world are maintenance day.  And usually the first Monday of the month is harder play day...we cancelled it last week, since I had injured my foot and was in pain.  Monday morning Master says to me, we should make this a super Monday, maintenance, harder play and shorten the leash day.  Shorten the leash days happen occasionally and usually mean that I have to ask for permission for everything....eating, getting dressed, bathroom...everything.  I usually get a yes, and sometimes a condition no panties today..or no clothes until I say so.  They certainly remind me of my submission and keep me close to Master, a plus for both of us.
     I spent all day feeling very close to Master, and was in a good 'head space' for maintenance. We were chatting about the day, as I was getting naked, and I sort of hinted that maybe they should happen more often, Master chuckled and said nothing.  After my naked kneeling I was over Master's lap for four sets of 25 with the maintenance paddle.  These are hard spanks, and I always get vocal, when we are done, I am expected to thank Him, both verbally and on my knees, pleasuring Him....:).
       Master gets up and goes to His bag..harder play time.  He takes out, the 'my paddleman' paddle...long and on the heavy side, the acrylic paddle...He made this one and it packs a big punch, the heaviest paddle He has, which we (thankfully) rarely use, and His cane.  I look at His 4 choices, and hear Him say...we have had quite a few all leather play times recently, time for all wood day.  
     I say to Him...1 set of 25 with each for a total of 100..hoping for a yes...and He agrees.  He does ask me to choose the order, and I ask to save the cane for last...figuring my bottom would be very well warmed.  I am told to present my bottom, as He picks up the paddleman paddle.  Twenty-five hard, slow ones, even on a bottom warmed up by maintenance I am being vocal about each one.  The acrylic paddle is next, same routine, only I am getting a little louder.  Next comes the last paddle, Master comments, that we hardly ever use this one...I reserve my comment... the paddling part of harder play is over. 
   Master tells me to stand, hands behind my head.  I am in position, He is ready with the cane, first one is a little high, I move forward and move my hands down.  I quickly get back into position, and the second one is  little higher, I move again, this time asking loudly....please lower....He rubs the welts, and tells me to kneel and present my bottom to Him....third one lands right in the middle of my bottom.  I still ouch, but these are  more bearable.  Twenty-five later, and we are done.  Master is rubbing my bottom, pulls me up into a big bear hug...our triple play day is over...well almost over ;)))!
    Later, when we are snuggling, Master says He has an idea...I am to ask anyone who comments, if they would vote on the idea of every Wed. being a shorten the leash day.  We will count the votes...only each yes or no will be counted....those that are left to me or Him, will not count.  So my future Wednesday's are in your hands.....
hugs abby

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A "Sensational" Play Time

           It has finally stopped raining, but as Leigh said in her comment to my last could be snow. Well guess what were right, it is snowing :(.  Nothing major, but supposed to be enough to cover the ground, with more tomorrow....welcome to May.
         Our most recent play time was all about sensations.  Yes, we started as we always do, with my naked kneeling.  Master covering my eyes, my ears, touching my mouth and moving down to pinch my breast, around to rub my back, reminding that all...every inch...of me is His.
         Master tells me that we are starting with the tens unit....I am smiling, thinking it has been too long.  He starts by attaching the leads to my breast, and reminds me how important it is for me to talk to Him the whole time, letting Him know when I start to feel the sensations, and when they become too much.  As soon as I start to feel the pulse from the machine I let Master know, He slowly continues to increase, until I tell Him it is too much, then He goes down a notch.  It is a steady stream, until Master switches to the pulsing mode, the one I like the least.  He keeps the pulses at a steady level, but increases and decreases the speed, to keep me guessing.
Next is the mode where the sensation increases and decreases at a regular tempo.  I have closed my eyes and am getting loss in the sensation, this is my favorite type of breast play.  Master starts removing the pads, and tells me to spread my legs, leads are changing position...once they are in position I am told to carefully get over His lap and spread my legs.  He goes through the same routine changing up the modes.  He stops and I feel one of the tabs being removed, He somehow puts it on a finger, and uses gets me aroused, using His fingers, and adding the electrical impulses...these are a surprise, and my world becomes these sensations...until the stop, and Master decides we better move on...He has more planned before....
     My little pinwheel is next, and it has been wayyy too long since that has seen the light of day...or a route around my body.  He starts at the bottom of my neck, down my back and my legs, and back up.  He increases His pushing down on the wheel with each circuit.  After a few 'tours' of my body, I am told to turn around, and starts in on my front...adding  circling around, and going up and down my breast.  
        He then tells me to choose a paddle from my bag, I reach over and pull out the paddle ball froggy paddle.  It is very light weight, and Master laughs.  After a couple rounds, He mentions something about feeling like He is swatting at flies, I laugh and say that is why I chose it.  He says, all in the same spot....and He chooses a spot on my left 'cheek' for 25 hard, fast ones.  I am panting, and Master says, next cheek, same thing.  When He is done He says....even this light-weight paddle can leave an impression...I have to agree.
      I am then told to pick out another paddle...and I reach in and out comes the Yankee baseball paddle.  I am not sure how it got in my bag, but Master is smiling, it is heavier than the froggy one.  After a couple sets  Master stops for some lovely rubbing and massaging.  Just as I am getting to the jello point, Master tells me I can choose ... what leather toy I want to finish with.
             I am thinking about my I want to go light, or finish with something more memorable.  My bottom is well-warmed, after that darn Yankee paddle, so I tell Master the large strop.  He has me get up and present my bottom for several delicious sets with the strop.  I am dripping....for my next sensation.
             My next sensation is Master's cock, the texture, the smell the taste, and we end with the sensation of explosions.....and being totally spent.
hugs abby

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trouble found me...

     or I found it!.....I somehow injured my foot...the top of my foot.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and the top of my foot was in extreme pain.  It was strange as I had not been a klutz or dropped anything on it.  After a couple of hours, I fell asleep, and by Monday morning it was still painful, but much less.  As you all know, Master is not shy about  pain, but when I am having the not so good pain, He is very cautious.  Maintenance was delayed, and I assured Him I would take  it easy, and if it got worse, would let Him know and seek medical help.  Luckily laying low, helped, and by Wednesday morning I was much better.
    I gave Master the good news, and said I would practice walking around the house to see how my foot fared.  And I then spent the rest of the day, doing some walking and getting caught up on things....and ignoring Master.  Lunch time went by, and I realized I had not sent my lunch time text...and decided it was just one day, did not really matter.  Yeah, I know, seems my foot ache, had traveled to my brain and caused a severe brain cramp.
        That afternoon, I hear from update??? no lunch time reminder?? I will see you when I get out of work. My brain recovered fast enough to know the only possible answer was...Yes Sir.  
        Later that afternoon, after I had reassured Master that my foot was much better, and I was still being careful with it, I am kneeling naked, being reminded that all of me is His...sore foot or not.  He informs me that I will be getting my maintenance spanking, that harder play Monday is postponed til the second Monday this month, and that there will be a punishment reminder about keeping close to Him during the day.
     I am over His lap, for a much welcomed had warm-up, as He continues to scold me about the lack of communication.  I have been away wearing my grandma hat for a couple of weeks, so I am owed one and a half maintenance spankings.  We 'pre-paid' part of a maintenance spanking before I left.  Six sets of 25 (with some lovely rubbing between each set), and maintenance is over.
          Master tells me to get up and present my bottom, I am going to get a caning. It is mostly a reminder, but one I will remember.  Master has decided on three sets of 6 on each side...very firm taps.  I manage to stay in position, and become more vocal with each set.  As soon as the last stripe is applied, I thank Him and am told to show Him.
     I am kneeling and sucking, He tells me to rub my stripes on my bottom and continue sucking.  I am fairly good at multi-tasking, but this is a bit of a challenge.  The sensory over-load is causing quite a reaction, as I am also feeling my wetness, drip down my legs.  Master pulls me up and over Him, and we continue to pleasure each other, and then snuggle in for some recovery time.
       Hope you all are having a good week...we are thinking of building some arks around here...rain, rain, and more rain.
hugs abby