Monday, September 26, 2016

What Have I Learned Today...Sept. 26

             I am 'adjusting' this title a "A lesson I have re-learned yesterday".  I know I am a rebel, Master has not completely tamed me...LOL.
           I had the wonderful experience yesterday of attending a celebration for a lovely friend who turned 90!  She is amazing,  we met when she retired from her 'first' job, and decided she was bored and became an aide where I was teaching.  She always started the day with a bright smile..that was still there at the end of the day, she made the best Italian cookie trays, and always was ready to do anything she could to make your day better. Since her 'second' retirement, she volunteers for a soup kitchen, plays bingo weekly, and is enjoying her twin great -grands who are 3 months old.  She is the lady we all want to be at 90 or 80 or 70!
         The party was in a party room of a restaurant, I walked in to see 10 tables, each seating 10 to lunch time there was not an empty chair.  There was assigned seating, I was seated with friends and former colleagues.  She only had one daughter and one grand-daughter and this was a ladies only the place was full with  friends....what an amazing tribute!  After lunch her daughter spoke and said this was her thank you for us...for making her life so much brighter, so much fun.  
     Her daughter then started with the group at table #1 and told us why they were special to her mom.  She did this for each table, telling us why her mom was grateful for having us in her life.  I know at our table, the tears were flowing and I am sure we were not the only ones.
             The lesson I never know how important you can be to a person you meet, to a casual friend, or colleague, or even a good friend or family member....and I dare say even a stranger.  So be kind, smile, try to make someone else's day brighter....they might want to thank you when they celebrate their 90th birthday!
hugs abby

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Simple Pleasure....Sept. 25

       many choices for this one.  For me a simple pleasure that I am able to enjoy almost every day now alarm clock.  I have never claimed to be a morning person, being forced out of bed by the loud ring of an alarm was not a good way to start my day.  Oh, I dealt with it, I had children to tend to or to get off to school, I had to get to my classroom, usually by 7:00....
                   Now I am retired, no more alarm, on most days.  I get to wake up, usually on the early side, old habits die hard.  But the difference is I don't have to jump out of bed, and into the shower, I can lay there until I decided to get up, I can roll over and go back to sleep, or I can grab that book and read another chapter or two.  My simple alarm clock.
hugs abby

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Best Part of a Rainy Day....and....Fun Friday...Sept. 24

            The best part of a rainy day for me depends on the type of rainy day.  If it is one of those spring showers and one of the grands is around...I tell them it is time to get the galoshes and rain coats and umbrellas.  We are going to find puddles to 'slosh' through:).  As we walk along we sing 'Dancing in Rain', and yes stop for an occasional dance step. Usually I am the only one who ends up under the umbrella, but even I give up on it before we are back home.
               Of course if it is one of those cold, pouring cats and dogs day, then I roll over and go back to sleep. Most of the rest of the day will probably be spent with a good book.

             As most of you have noticed, the entries this month, have been all centered on the Sept. prompt challenge.  
I felt like my posts were beginning to sound all too similar, and I needed a break.  The challenge has been fun most days, more difficult on others.  A few of you have asked if Master and I are OK...YES...we are.  Vanilla life has kept us more occupied, as tend to happens.  And, although, I have suggested that we could skip a maintenance or two, Master has not let that happen...they have all happened, as scheduled.  Fun Friday's have also continued, just not always on a Friday.  
        Yesterday, Fun Friday was on a Friday!  As always, we start with my naked kneeling.   Master asks if I remember that the last time I was kneeling for Him, He pinched and pulled my breast with a lot of vigor....I nodded.  He then asked if the reward got being a 'good girl' was worth it.  He relieved the pain with His tongue and did make them feel much better.  When I get up I notice lots of yummy toys on the floor...and the whip.
         After a wonderful hand warm-up Master starts with the leather rose paddle.  On an already warmed bottom, it feels wonderful.  All to soon, Master is telling me to get up and choose what I want next...I decided on the belt.  Master lets me choose my position, as soon as I am leaning over the back of the sofa, I feel the first swish of the belt.  I did not keep count,  but do know that Master loves even numbers so I am guessing maybe 100, maybe a little less.
          My next choice is the large leather strop.  I am up and leaning over.  These are more intense than the belt, and cover a much wider area....but it hurts so good.  Master suggests I might need a break, I am soon kneeling and showing Master how much I appreciate all this leather.  Master then says, I bet you want the whip next...I do because the other choice is my favorite, large flogger....I love to end on a high note:).
               I am up and leaning over, feeling the sharp sting of Master's whip.  Master reminds me who much He enjoys using His whip, I am ouching and trying to not move, reminding myself that this is His favorite, and my favorite comes next.
Finally it is flogger time....After some delicious rubbing, Master lets the leather tentacles just swish all over, I am relaxed and more than ready.  In between each set, Master repeats the swishing.  By the time He is done, I am dripping.
              We move on to....pleasuring each other....and getting ready to tackle that vanilla part of life once again.
hugs abby

Friday, September 23, 2016

Three Good Thoughts..Sept. 23

              I am relying on some of my literary friends to help me with this one....

...............Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.  (Dr. Seuss)

................You are braver than you believe
                Stronger than you seem
                and smarter than you think.    (Winnie the Pooh)

................Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day
                with no mistakes in it yet.    (Anne ..of Green Gables)

hugs abby

Thursday, September 22, 2016

One Thing Not To Worry About...Sept. 22

                  I am trying to decide which of the many things that I worry about...and tell myself not write about here.
                    Ideally one thing not to worry about is tomorrow, concentrate on today, the here and now....great advice, but tomorrow is looming and what if???
                     Then again, don't worry about what others think?  Be who you are, your own person....great advice, but what if what they are thinking is correct?
                       Maybe I should pick the future not to worry about, what will be will be....but what if I have not planned enough to be comfortable with my future?
                          How about my children, they are all successful, I can stop worrying about them. Yikes, what am I thinking that will never happen.
                            You get my drift, telling someone not to worry about something, well that just never works well.
                  There is one thing that I no longer have to worry about, and that is worrying that I am wired weirdly.  Master gets a lot of the credit for that, He accepts all of me, the submissive, the mother and grandmother, the teacher (albeit now retired), the teaser, the sister, the aunt, the crossword addict...all of me.
That is truly a priceless gift, and that is the best thing to not have to worry about...acceptance.
hugs abby

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Celebration....Sept. 21

                  I grew up in a small town with lots of relatives. My mom had 10 siblings, as did my dad.  Only a couple of them had moved away, and all married and had children.  Wherever I went it was likely I would run into someone I was related to...and if not, someone who would say...aren't you related to...
                 My mom's family would get together and party for any reason, or no reason.  Rarely would we kids end up going home with our parents, sleeping over so we could continue our fun...cousins made for good friends.  All of my mom's siblings were out-going, fun-loving, and loved to have a good time.
               My dad's family was much more reserved.  Most of our celebrations centered on the holidays, weddings, showers, or a special birthday.  (Seeing as it was such a large family, there were lots of those,)  The celebration I have chosen is one that was a tradition with my dad's family.  They were French Canadian, my memere (grand-mother), only spoke French.  Yes, we all were bi-lingual at an early age.
                Reveillon is the celebration I have chosen to remember here.  It is a french word meaning the eve of or the beginning.  Traditionally it is celebrated after mid-night Mass. In our case we celebrated before Mass.  A hall was rented, and we all met for a dinner of pork pies, a traditional French-Canadian dish.  My grand-mother made them all, and it was the main course.  The rest of the families brought salads, or desserts or drinks. (We still have pork pies for breakfast on Christmas mornings, using memere's recipe)
                  After we ate, memere had a gift for all her grand-children, which we opened. The party lasted til it was time to bring the smallest ones home and to bed, and the teenagers either had babysitting duty or had the privilege of attending midnight mass. We usually rotated who did what. Midnight mass was a huge celebration, and lasted til almost 1:30 in the morning.   
               I think of this now, and I think about my parents and aunts and uncles...and admire their devotion to this tradition.
Since after the Mass and everyone got driven to the right house, they still had to put stockings and presents out for Christmas morning...and probably, just a couple of hours later, wake up to the sound of.....Santa came, let's get up!
                  My mom's family had their celebration on Christmas afternoon, renting a large hall, with Santa making his last stop before returning to the North Pole for some well deserved rest.
Fun times to look back on, and also to wonder how my parents ever survived the holidays!
hugs abby


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Way to Relax...Sept. 20

          This is my favorite way to relax.  I am over Master's lap, my bottom is toasty warm and a nice rosy red color....thanks to Master and His hand and maybe a paddle or two and some leather.  Master is enjoying the view and rubbing my bottom as we quietly chat.  Eventually Master's hands start to land an occasional pinch or scratch...that rouses me and catches my attention.  I settle in, and those hands might start rubbing my leg, my bottom, my back, rubbing and massaging, thumping, so many wonderful sensations,,,,,and eventually I hear Him chuckle.  I knew I would hear it soon,  I can feel myself getting so wet.  
             Master might mention that I am so relaxed He might not want to stir me....I look at Him and grin.  I know He will not be able to keep Himself from spreading my wetness and reaching in and creating more.  We are in no  hurry, so the build up is feels so good, I just want Him to continue.  Eventually, His fingers get more 'active', I am no longer relaxed, I am panting and squirming and moaning. I finally manage to squeak out ...may I cum, ppppllllleeeaasse, Sir.
He waits, but not long, and gives me the go-ahead.  
                   I am officially 'jello', movement, words or reactions are not possible.  Master snuggles in next to me is nap time...we are not as young as we used to be;).
hugs abby